Play Dough Preschool provides children with the tools and materials they need to learn and develop their knowledge, motoric ability and skill. Among the facilities that we provide are:

Play Ground

Children have the freedom to explore two of Puri Casablanca's three playgrounds. These play grounds are manufactured by Little Tikes and are maintained everyday.


Toys are an important part of a child's play and learning capacity. We have an array of toys ranging from kitchen sets and shopping carts manufactured by Little Tikes and Step 2, to children's accessories and costumes from the Early Learning Centre (ELC).


Every child in our preschool has access to a range of books. Each of our classrooms have a book area, where children sit on pillows and can choose their favorite book or pick up a new one.

Swimming Pool

Puri Casablanca Apartment has a swimming pool, which our school uses for our Water Fun Activities, weather permitting of course.