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Why should I choose Play Dough Preschool?
Choosing the right early years education program for your child can be quite daunting. There are many schools to choose from and it seems as though they all have their own unique approach to education; and that can be a good thing! Children are different in so many ways, and having different options allows you, as parents, to find a school that best suits your child's educational needs.

At Play Dough Preschool, we offer an approach to learning that let's children learn through their environment and experiences with their teachers and classmates. We encourage children to be confident and independent, and prepare their foundation for their lifetime of future learning.

Join our 2 day free trial to see if Play Dough Preschool is the best fit for your child!
What is the best age to join preschool?
Learning starts at any age. Here at Play Dough Preschool, we start as early as 1 year and 6 months! Of course, each child is different and learn better at different stages of their early years, so we encourage our parents to take our 2 Day Free trial to experience what are class is like, and observe how their children reacts in our learning environment.
I want to enrol my kids to Play Dough Preschool. What should I do?
Enrolling your kids into Play Dough Preschool couldn't be easier! Simply, contact or visit our admissions office. You will need to do the following:
1) Determine how long you will be enrolling your child for (1 - 4 weeks, 1 - 6 months or more than 6 months)
2) Determine how many times a week you would like your child to join (2 days, 3 days or everyday
3) Fill out the enrollment agreement form, registration form and medical form.

That's it! Our admissions staff will then prepare your invoice where you will need to make the payments before your child's first day of school.
How long will the program last for each term?
Our terms last for 10 - 11 weeks. We are open Monday to Fridays, and are closed during national holidays.
What are the qualifications of Play Dough educators?
All our educators have a degree in education, psychology or has had extensive experience in early childhood education. Most importantly, our teachers love children and are playful by nature, making even the most reluctant child at ease and willing to join in the fun classroom activities!
Can we choose more than one after-school activities?
Yes you can choose more than one after school activity, as each activity run on different days and/or times.
My child has a different ability/disability. Are there any programs in Play Dough that could fit the child's needs?
Children with special needs require specialized care and attention. We would be happy to refer you to schools that provide these excellent facilities for your child.